Protocol converters Customized solutions

It can sometimes be difficult to classify this product, because it can solve many different, seemingly impossible, communications problems. The hardware always remains the same but the software can be adapted and programmed to solve different problems.

Two standard models are available:

MD-54 or MA-54A, control signal generator.

This product can be used to generate control signals. If a computer or other device cannot transmit the handshake signal required by a connected equipment, the signal (e.g. RTS) can be created.

MD-54 or MA-54B, parameter and speed converter

When two units, e.g. a computer and a printer, cannot communicate with each other on account of a difference in data transmission speeds, this converter comes in handy. It buffers incoming data and transmits them at a speed which can be handled by the receiver.

Customized solutions

These are just two examples of how software can be adapted to meet different needs. Westermo has provided many customized solutions using this concept.

Westermo can help you find the solution to meet your needs.


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